• Mechanical assembly - pneumatic motors, automotive equipment, industrial equipment
  • Simple assembly - hand assembly, remote controls, fishing rods and reels
  • Display assembly - counter displays, kiosks, freestanding displays
  • Packaging - mass and retail merchandise, custom repackaging

Are you constantly frustrated trying to find and retain dependable, experienced leadership to oversee your assembly operations? Insight has a seasoned leadership team that produces results!

Because it is Insight's primary function rather than the secondary process it probably is for you, our clients have discovered that by outsourcing their assembly to Insight they are able to

  • predict and control cost
  • ensure consistently high quality
  • rely on fast turnaround
  • depend upon timely delivery

Are you struggling to maintain control over staffing costs and spending too much time managing work flow and monitoring productivity? Insight can help you

  • eliminate labor overhead during slow times
  • eliminate labor challenges

Because Insight maintains full-time assembly lines of experienced, professional assemblers, we are able to

  • support simple and mechanical assembly
  • allow you to reduce space consumption

Are you looking for ways to improve performance and reduce costs? Insight, through our 20 plus years' track-record, is able to offer you money-saving insights by refining and streamlining your processes and to execute the job to your exact specifications.

Are you concerned about having the product where you need it, when you need it? Insight is a full-service agency offering shipping and fulfillment directly to your customer.